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Content Filtering Services

Muti-Path Networks does not filter content on regular internet access accounts (Zulu Zones or Wing Wireless) except where we feel there is a threat to the safety and security of our network and our clients. However, we saw the need where some clients such as churches and/or clients due to religious or personal choices require more filtering controls to be in place.  

Moderate Kid Filtering Service 

The Moderate Kid Filter is a filtering service of Multi-Path Networks, Inc. It uses various methods to block direct access to websites deemed offensive or unsuitable for younger children. The filter, however, will not block images that shows up in search engines or on sites not explicity catering to adult content. Normal web browsing is still allowed and most websites and services will still be accessible while browsing. All download transfer limits and pricing of regular service plans still apply.

The moderate kid filter is best described as a PG-13. Suitable for kids 13 years old and up with appropriate parental guidance.

No extra software has to be installed. No changing of homepage or programming of the computer. All filtering is based upon username and password.

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